Go is best learnt face-to-face, so first choice is to visit a club. Beginners are normally very welcome.

Welcoming Go club scene

Other Go clubs around Bath are listed on our links page

The British Go Association lists affiliated UK clubs at http://www.britgo.org/clublist/clublist.html

There are many useful learning resources on the internet. The BGA's page for learners is a good place to begin. Try this video introduction if you're impatient to get started.

Sometimes we run promotional events in Bath but don't wait if you're interested – come along to a club night and we'll be happy to introduce you to this addictive game. The club is free but we don't pay rent so it's nice to visit the bar from time to time.

Jamie versus tourist, Bath 2009
Promotional street Go event in Bath city centre, summer 2009. A 10-year-old Taiwanese tourist, recently graduated from Go Camp back home, challenged organiser Jamie and won by a point. We suspect he was trying to engineer a diplomatic draw.

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