Learn to play

Go is best learnt face-to-face so the first choice is to visit a club. Beginners are normally very welcome. If you live near Bath we will teach newcomers on club nights – see the 'Free lessons' menu link. Our neighbouring clubs in Bristol and Swindon operate similarly.

Welcoming Go club scene
Players from Swindon and Bath clubs

The British Go Association lists affiliated UK clubs at britgo.org/clublist/clublist.html

Clubs around Bath are featured on our links page where you will also find useful learning resources. Try this video introduction if you're impatient to get started.

Come to a club night and we will be happy to introduce you to this addictive game. The club is free but we don't pay rent so it's good to be seen at the bar occasionally.

Jamie versus tourist, Bath 2009
At a teaching event in Bath, this 10-year-old tourist freshly graduated from Go Camp in Taiwan challenged organiser Jamie. The visitor won by a single point which, we suspect, shows a talent for international diplomacy equal to his skill at Go.