Come for a free Go lesson!

Go is a wonderful game and as enthusiasts we like to spread it and find more people to play.

We enjoy teaching so come to the club for an introduction and as much subsequent advice as you need.

To be clear about this, we do not want your money. There is no charge for lessons and no membership or board fees. We have no merchandise or anything else to sell.

You don't even need to bring a set because the club has its own.

We meet in a pub free of charge so it's politic to be seen at the bar now and again. But don't get the idea that club evenings are drinking sessions. The emphasis is on putting together interesting games of Go, for which we keep reasonably clear heads.

Regular players may want to join the British Go Association, a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers to promote and support Go in the UK. However this is completely optional and we don't push it.

If you are coming for the first time, please contact us by Monday evening to confirm that the club is meeting this week.

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