Play Go in Bath

We meet weekly in the city of Bath, south west England, to play an oriental board game with a history stretching back thousands of years.

A club game in progress
A club game in progress

See our About Go page if you don't know this deep, challenging, fun and endlessly fascinating mind sport.

Before coming for the first time please check that we are meeting. You can enquire by email using the 'Contact' menu link, preferably no later than the day before club night:

Tuesdays, 7:30pm
It's OK to come later & leave when you like
The Curfew
1 Cleveland Place West

All abilities welcome. We are very happy to teach beginners. Players holidaying in the area are invited to drop in for a crack at the locals! There is no fee and equipment is provided.

A Go board set out with problems
The board has been set out with five of the life-and-death puzzles we try to solve for fun and practice. In each one, Black must play first to save or capture the enclosed group of stones. We don't expect website vistors to solve them, though top left is very easy when you know the rules.